An Individualized Approach to Your Care

What should I expect during my dentist visit?

Most systemic (whole body) biologic problems have oral signs and symptoms.  When you visit our office, expect a detailed exam that involves a holistic, integrative approach: one that appreciates the whole person.   At our office, you will hear about tips to improve one’s oral hygiene and overall periodontal health, be given an action plan to eliminate decay or treat weakened areas in teeth, and correct and enhance esthetics and improve functional difficulties that can lead to the breakdown of one’s bite.  Many of our patients opt for esthetic restorations and procedures such as veneers after stabilizing their oral health.


Moreover, you will also become informed when we see signs and troubles about your overall health, and you will be given suggestions about how to address these concerns.   We feel it is important for us to have an open conversation with you about your overall health, as many people: take supplements, are on medications that influence their absorption of vitamins, and have chronic inflammation that prevents them from aging well.


The dental office is often frequented by patients on a more regular basis than the doctor’s office for well visits.  Since we have more time with patients and see you more often that the average doctor sees you, we feel we can serve as a great resource to help you stay healthy. The treatments modalities sometimes suggested during exams may include:


  • Dietary changes
  • Vitamin, mineral, and nutrient supplements
  • Discussions about herbals and natural foods.
  • Exercises directed at improving function of the body
  • Sleep quality evaluation and treatment with oral devices or referral to a sleep doctor


Are there any special instructions I need to follow after seeing my dentist?

We may suggest that you follow-up with your physician or at the least make modifications in your lifestyle to support better overall health, after which we will see almost certainly positive changes in your mouth.  A healthy body will best support a beautiful smile.

Our dental team has undergone extensive training to deliver this whole body approach to you.  We have a working understanding of the body’s physiologic processes and actively retrain to keep up with the latest scientific understanding.  We believe you will see a big difference between care with us vs. care with the competition!


Services offered:


-SMART Mercury Removal  (IAOMT Protocol)      

-Biocompatibility and Gene Salivary Testing         

-Ceramic and Titanium Implants                              

-Bonded, All Ceramic Restorations                           

-BPA Free Materials                                                

-Oral sleep apnea appliances                                     

-At home sleep testing with Watch PAT 200         

-Oral DNA, used for correcting conditions of sleep apnea and ADD/ ADHD

-Cosmetic Porcelain Veneers

-Tooth Colored Fillings

-Teeth Whitening

-Cleanings, Exams, Digital X-rays

-Periodontal Care

-Nutritional Counseling

-Free Educational Evening Programs

** SMART (Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal Technique) Certified

SMART is a set of safety measures to reduce mercury exposures during dental amalgam filling removal. These safety measures were developed as a result of scientific research collected by the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT). Callicutt and Dayries Dentistry follows IAOMT protocols.  The SMART Checklist (see is an extensive description of the safety precautions our doctors use when dental treatment involves mercury or any other pre-existing metals of unknown biocompatibility.


**Mercury Free for over 17 years.